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We’ve pledged to offset the carbon emissions of our tours every year

To be clear, carbon offsets are by no means a silver bullet, a solution to the climate crises, or license to pollute. But by teaming up with the reputable non-profit organization we were able to make sure that through funding certain environmental projects worldwide, we are doing as much as we possibly can, with the limitations we have, to mitigate our footprint.

So, what is a carbon offset? Wikipedia can explain or you can take a look at this bad boy:

Freight: 86 tonnes
Flights: 86 tonnes
Bus: 79 tonnes
Hotels: 98 tonnes
Total: 352 tonnes

Through we funded three projects with distinct environmental & social benefits:

Biogas 25 tonnes of emissions abatement
Windmills 25 tonnes of emissions replacement
Forestation 302 tonnes of emission absorption/avoidance
Total: 352 tonnes


Okay, great number stuff, but what does that mean in tangible terms?
Do the math—by the end of this year we will have been out for 132 days
That’s almost 2.7 tonnes of carbon emitted every day, which is equivalent to:

— heating and powering the average American home for 3 months
— using over 100 gas grill propane tanks
— charging 344,282 cell phones


Alright, fans, this is where you come in

We love what we do, and love touring our show around the world, but that’s a lot of carbon! Which is why we encourage our fans to walk, bike, subway or carpool to our shows. And for those superfans who feel the need to travel anywhere to see us — which we appreciate beyond belief! — please consider trains or buses. If you must fly, consider offsetting your travel with If you can afford to fly, you can afford to offset it. One thing’s for sure…

The planet can’t afford it for much longer

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We have teamed up with Mission Impact Partners to connect with local non-profits at shows along our tour. We do this to highlight local organizations that are serving their communities in very meaningful ways. In each city, these organizations will be tabling at our shows so that they can connect with YOU, our fans.

Greening with Cool Effect

As an organization, Lake Street Dive is committed to continually improving its environmental impact. As our operation has grown over the years, so has our eco-consciousness. So, what started as a small scale “greening” effort on the road— reusable cups and plates, water jugs instead of bottles, a recycling bin for the bus— has now grown into a mission. Why?


What we used to call climate change is now a climate crisis
What used to be a global issue is now a global emergency
What needs to be done needs to happen now

And until our vehicle fleet is electric, our hotels are solar and wind powered, and we take the Hyperloop home instead of planes, we’re doing the next best thing

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